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What are the dates for the Irving Rewards program?
The Rewards program will continue until such time as Irving modifies, amends or terminates the redemption period for any Discount or discontinues the Irving Rewards program.

What is the program offer?
Buy 50 gallons of gasoline and you'll receive 10¢/gallon off of your next fill up – up to 20 gallons.

How do I get an Irving Rewards Card? 
Irving Rewards cards are only available inside at participating Irving and Circle K locations. Cards are not available online.

How do I get Irving Rewards from my fuel purchases?
Prior to making your fuel purchase, you must either swipe your Rewards card at the pump or, if prepaying, bring your card inside or bring it inside after a fuel purchase paid at the pump in order to credit your purchase to your account. Steps vary depending on the technology of the participating site so please be sure to follow instructions indicated at the pump.

Are all Irving and Irving/Circle K locations participating in the program?
All Irving locations with a Circle K store are participating, however not all individual Irving locations are. To find participating locations near you, visit

Do I have to register my card online in order to earn and redeem?
Yes, visit to register your card and create a username and password. You can also track your account activity after you register.

Do I have to use my card every time I buy fuel or only when I redeem my Rewards?
You must swipe your Irving Rewards card at every fill up to receive purchase credit and Reward discounts.

When do my Rewards expire?
Earned Rewards are available to redeem for the number of days left in the month from the date they are earned plus an additional 30 days thereafter. For example, a reward earned on Feb 14 will expire on March 31.

How soon after reaching the 50 gallon goal can I redeem my Rewards?
Irving Rewards are available 30 minutes after they are earned.

Can Rewards be used for diesel purchases?
Yes, for consumer diesel in the forecourt.

What do I do if my card number does not read properly at the fuel pump?
Please see the station attendant BEFORE completing your fuel transaction.  Station attendants can manually enter the card number from the back of the card.

What happens if I buy more than 50 gallons? Do I earn more than 10¢? 
You earn 10¢/gallon every time you reach 50 gallons. If your balance exceeds the 50 gallon hurdle, the remainder will be applied toward your next Reward.

If I forget to use the Irving Rewards card during a purchase, can the fuel discount be added to my card later with a receipt? What if I buy gas at an Irving that is not participating, can I take my receipts to an Irving that is and have Rewards loaded? 
No, all Rewards are electronically assigned to a member account at the time of the fueling transaction (this applies to pay at pump and inside Irving Rewards card transactions).

Is there a maximum redemption?
Yes, you can redeem on a maximum fill-up of 20 gallons. The pump will automatically stop pumping at 20 gallons when redeeming Rewards.  If you want to fuel for more than 20 gallons you will have to begin a new transaction. 

Is there a maximum fuel purchase amount when consumers are earning Rewards?

Yes, you can only earn on up to a 30 gallon purchase for each visit.

How many Rewards can be redeemed per transaction?
Only one (1) Irving Rewards card can be used per single transaction.

Can more than one Irving Rewards card be used to earn fuel discounts?
No, fuel discounts will not be tracked across multiple Irving Rewards card numbers.  You must only use one card to earn and redeem fuel discounts.

Can purchase totals be transferred between Irving Rewards card numbers? What if I get a new card, will my history be transferred?
No, all purchase totals are assigned to a single account member and are non-transferable, even to a new card for the same card holder.

How can I verify account balance, transaction history, earned rewards, and identify participating Irving Rewards locations?

You can view account details and identify the locations of participating Irving stations at You will need your user name and password created at the time of registration to access your account.

What about my personal information? 
We know how important your personal information is to you and we take our responsibility to safeguard any information you provide to us very seriously. Please read our privacy policy for more information.

Why do some Irving locations have Rewards at the pump while other Irving locations require that I go inside and still at others I can’t earn or redeem rewards at all?
Irving locations use a variety of pump technologies and not all locations have the capability of at-the-pump Rewards earning and redemption. At most locations, we have made technology available inside to enable you to earn Irving Rewards.

Are there any earning partners like grocery stores where I can earn Rewards? 
We are always exploring new ways to grow our Rewards program to meet the changing needs of our consumers. While there may be earn partners in the future, the current Irving Rewards program is available only at Irving locations.

Am I able to use the same email address to register more than one Rewards card for other family members?