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Frequently Asked Questions

Irving Rewards cards are only available inside participating Irving Oil and Circle K locations. Pick up a card and create your account online at
Once you have an Irving Rewards card and have created an Irving Rewards account, you'll earn a 10¢-per-gallon fuel savings rewards with every 50 gallons of fuel purchased. You will also earn a 5¢-per-gallon fuel savings reward after every $50 spent in the store on qualifying merchandise.
You'll earn 10¢ per gallon every time you reach 50 gallons and 5¢ per gallon every time you reach $50. If your balance exceeds the 50 gallon or $50 threshold, the remainder will be applied toward your next fuel savings reward.
Our in-store offer is available with the purchase of most products, with the following exceptions: Alcohol, tobacco, lottery tickets, milk (ME only), gift cards, gift certificates, prepaid cards, money orders, postage stamps, licenses, municipal trash, car wash, wood pellets and recycling bags or tags and any other items that may be prohibited or restricted by applicable law.
Yes, you can earn fuel savings rewards on fuel purchases up to 30 gallons per visit.
There is a maximum fill-up of 20 gallons when you redeem your rewards. Once you reach your limit, the pump will automatically stop fueling. If would like to purchase more than 20 gallons, you must begin a new transaction. This limit will apply to all fuel savings rewards redemptions, except Irving Debit Pay which applies to every gallon.
One Irving Rewards card can be swiped during each transaction; however, there is no limit to the amount of fuel savings rewards you can redeem!
Yes, rewards can be redeemed for consumer diesel at participating Irving Oil locations.
When you earn a reward, it will be available for the remainder of the month it was earned, plus an additional 60 days thereafter. For example, a reward earned on February 14 will expire on April 30.
Once you earn a reward it will be available for you to use on your next fuel purchase (up to 20 gallons) in approximately 30 minutes.
Once you sign up for an Irving Rewards account, you can view your account details and participating locations by logging in to your account at You can also access this information by downloading our MyIRVING Mobile App. (You can find the app by searching 'MyIRVING' in your app store.)
We know how important your personal information is to you and we take our responsibility to safeguard any information you provide to us very seriously. Please read our privacy policy for more information.
Irving Debit Pay means your Irving Rewards card is linked to your checking account to use as a method of payment. Once linked, you'll save 6¢ on every gallon, every time you pay with your Irving Rewards card at Irving Oil.
You will save 6¢ on every gallon purchased using your Irving Rewards card to pay for fuel purchases. Link your Irving Rewards card to your bank account by logging in to your Irving Rewards account at and clicking “Register with Irving Debit Pay”. Once linked, your Irving Rewards card can be used to pay for fuel purchases as an ACH Debit payment method.
When you complete the activation process for Irving Debit Pay you will save an additional 4¢ on every gallon purchased for the first 90 days when paying for fuel with Irving Debit Pay. That's a savings of 10¢ on every gallon purchased and can be combined with all other Irving Rewards offers.
We've partnered with ZipLine (National Payment Card Association - NPCA) to deliver technology that enables you to link your checking account to your Irving Rewards card so you can pay for fuel and in-store purchases at participating Irving Oil locations. To link your Irving Rewards card to your checking account, log in to your Irving Rewards account at and register for Irving Debit Pay. Please be sure to have your driver's license and checking account information ready.

Maintaining the security of our members' information is of utmost importance to Irving Oil, and to Zipline (Irving Oil's payment partner).

Zipline offers a secure enrollment website that is protected by firewalls and other comprehensive security methods, in accordance with Payment Card Industry data security standards. All data is encrypted in real-time at secure data centers.

Zipline enforces strict policies around security including daily spend limits on each member account and liability guarantees. Members are never held liable for unauthorized transactions.

Plus, all Irving Debit Pay transactions require a Personal Identification Number (PIN), providing an additional layer of protection for each transaction. Using stringent monitoring practices, we review how and where purchases are made, and we notify members of each purchase transaction.

Click here to view Zipline’s privacy and security statement.

Irving Energy residential customers can now link their Irving Rewards card to their Irving Energy account and save 5¢ per gallon at Irving Oil gas stations with every 50 gallons of home heating fuel delivered. Offer available on all deliveries of propane, heating oil and ultra-low sulfur diesel for residential use in markets Irving Energy serves, including Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.
Simply visit to link your Irving Rewards card to your Irving Energy account or call Irving Energy Customer Care at 1.888.310.1924 to become a new Irving Energy customer. Once your accounts are linked, you'll save 5¢ with every 50 gallons of home heating fuel delivered including propane, heating oil and ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD).
Propane, heating oil and ultra-low sulphur diesel (USLD) deliveries for residential use are included in the Irving Energy offer.
Irving Energy services residential accounts in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.
All Irving Oil locations with a Circle K and most of our Irving Oil locations that are not connected to Circle K are participating in the Irving Rewards program. For a complete list of participating sites, visit
To earn credit or redeem a reward you must swipe your card at the time of purchase. Credits cannot be applied after a transaction has been completed.
To earn credit towards a reward, you must swipe your card at a participating Irving Oil location.
If you are having trouble at the pump or in the store, please advise an employee before completing your transaction. The employee will be able to manually enter your card number so you will receive credit towards your next fuel savings reward.
You will only be able to transfer your rewards and credits if you are replacing your card. If you would like to transfer your balance to a new card, please call our Customer Support Team at 1.888.273.5222.
You must swipe your Irving Rewards card with every transaction to receive purchase credit and earn fuel savings rewards.
No, all rewards are electronically assigned to a member account at the time of the transaction (this applies to pay at pump and inside Irving Rewards card transactions).
Irving Oil locations use a variety of pump technologies and not all locations have the capability of at-the-pump rewards earning and redemption. At most locations, we have made technology available inside to enable you to earn Irving Rewards. For a complete list of participating sites, visit
We are always exploring new ways to grow our Irving Rewards program to meet the changing needs of our customers. While there may be earn partners in the future, the current Irving Rewards program is available only at participating Irving Oil locations.
An Irving Rewards card can only be linked to one Irving Rewards account.
Must complete account set-up to include tank inspection, agree to automatic delivery and take a first delivery.
Your new customer offer reward will be available for redemption within 7 days after your first heating fuel delivery, and will continue for 42 fuel purchases thereafter.
Yes! You can combine your new customer offer reward of 25¢ per gallon with any other reward earned at the pump, in the store, with Irving Debit Pay and with home heating fuel deliveries.
After you have set up your new account and linked your Irving Rewards card, you can log into your account at to view your rewards, transaction history and other important account information.
Yes, you need to be subscribed to email to be eligible for certain components of contests and promotions including but not limited to Red Sox promotions, Pump Up the Fun, etc. To re-subscribe, email your first name and last name along with your card number to with your desire to subscribe to emails from Irving Oil.
If you receive emails from Irving Oil you are subscribed. If you do not receive emails you are either unsubscribed or your emails are being filtered from your inbox. If you would like to re-subscribe, please email