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Free showers with Irving Oil

Professional Drivers spend much of their time on the road and our goal is to provide them with a welcoming place where they can refuel, relax and refresh with all the comforts of home. That’s why we are pleased to offer our Irving Oil Shower Program!

With this program, drivers can look forward to our clean and inviting showers complete with fresh towels, washcloths and even a bathmat.  Plus, when they present a fuel receipt for 300 litres or 75 gallons of fuel or more within the last five days from any Irving Oil location, the shower and linens will be free.

What’s included with a shower?

Each shower comes with complimentary towel, facecloth, and bathmat.

How long do I have to use my free shower?
Your fuel receipt can be redeemed up to five days after purchase.

What if I don't buy fuel?
Showers may be purchased for $10 plus tax.

Will you be updating your showers?
Yes. We are committed to providing the amenities and services you need when you’re away from home. Irving Oil is working hard to upgrade our network. Stay tuned for more updates!

Where can I find a list of Irving Oil locations with showers?
Visit IRVING24.com/locations or call 1-888-273-5222 for more information.