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Always in Control 

In today’s tough economic environment, managing your fleet wisely is key to maintaining a competitive edge. That’s why we offer competitively-priced and reliable fuel services and IRVING 24, the smart card for heavy fleets.

The IRVING 24 Card 

Coast-to-coast coverage, premium driver services and registered checks for roadside emergencies, the IRVING 24 card offers these options and more with extremely competitive fees. Apply for the card today and start enjoying the benefits of being an IRVING 24 card holder!

Real-Time Access with Fuel Genius™ 

Fast, safe, and flexible, Fuel Genius™ allows you to access and control fleet accounts online – any time.

Big Stop & Travel Plazas 

Use your IRVING 24 card at our Big Stops, Travel Plazas, and IRVING 24 locations throughout Eastern Canada and New England.

Fill Up on DEF at Select IRVING 24 Locations!

You can now fill up with diesel and DEF at the same pump and in one transaction at select IRVING 24 locations! Irving has installed a unique combo-pump that dispenses both diesel and DEF in the fueling lane. To see a list of those locations visit Irving24.com

Online Fuel Pricing 

Easy access to IRVING 24 diesel prices online.

Premium Customer Service 

Questions? Give us a call 24/7 at 1.800.561.2447.